Friday, May 16

We have started a Team History Spreadsheet. You can view it here. Let me know if you would like to contribute by sending an email to

Thursday, May 15

Night of 1000 Stories (a buggy farce)

Cast: Hundreds, including: Matt, Tom, Kate, Pete, Jeanine, Will, X, Ray, Mike, K-K-Ken and of course, Kate's Parents

Time: Fall? in the mid 90s
Place: metropolitan university campus

Props: 1 magnum Sake, 1 or more cases of beer, 1 bottle Absolut vodka (frozen), lit cigarette, $5 bill, rumpled bed, set of car keys.

Tracking down all Spirit Buggy teams.

It would be nice to have a record of all of our teams, or at least try to get as much information as possible. Just trying out this blog-thing so bear with me/us though.